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You Got That Facebook Math Problem Right!

Often I see some image like this designed to spark up public arguments on facebook.

There is no bad answer for this math problem. Everyone is a winner. Allow me to explain.

Recommendations from Awesome People

Kelt was hired as the primary developer on a Laravel / Vue.js project for Idestini that lasted 6 months. We had a long list of high level functional requirements on this project but often did not have time to mockup screens and get approval before needing to get to building sections of the application. Kelt was able to assess best practices and examples from other platforms and apply them into our own unique solutions.

I can vouch that Kelt is 100% capable of performing on any project that uses Laravel, MySQL, Vue.js, Gulp, Node, SASS, Bootstrap, chimp.js or any similar platforms. Kelt is very knowledgeable about programming frameworks and patterns and makes solid architectural decisions.

Kelt is a smart, pragmatic developer. He’s honest and gives 100% to the project. I hope to be able to work with him again.

I have had the pleasure to work with Kelt Dockins since July 2014 when we hired him as a senior backend developer for my firm LogicBomb Media. When we interviewed Kelt we knew that we had met a developer that had an intimate relationship with PHP and JavaScript. Once he had joined our team it was almost immediately obvious that his technique was, frankly, superior to our own.

Our industry can tend to be populated by cynics, know-it-alls and yes men. Kelt defies all of these traits. When we began to approach him for advice on projects he conveyed that knowledge with enthusiasm, was always respectful to junior team members, instructed in a confident way, and always shared his knowledge with patience. It was clear that his intentions were to help the team be the best it could be, to build the best projects we could, and to create fantastic experiences for our client’s customers.

In my 9 years of running this business we have worked with dozens of design firms, advertising agencies, and other development firms to collaborate on applications and marketing sites. In those 9 years I’ve never met someone that can envision the whole product as well as Kelt can. His foresight, careful planning, and ability to see problems and use cases gave me new perspective on how we could tackle problems for our clients.

If you have any questions about Kelt’s skill set or my experience working with Kelt please feel free to reach out at any time.

I consider myself lucky to work with a developer as knowledgeable and experienced as Kelt. His programming insight and attention to detail were incomparable. He never hesitated to help with an issue or to take a moment to ensure the best solution is being implemented. In short, Kelt was a pleasure to work alongside and with his attitude, experience and skill set he will be an invaluable asset to any company.

Kelt is a conscientious software developer, who goes beyond just following instructions. His inquisitive nature often leads to the development of products and features that exceed expectations.

I worked with Kelt Dockins at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. He is excellent and very focused when he is on a task. He never hesitated to assist faculty when the need arose. At the Blackboard conference he won a catalyst award in programming and was in much demand. The experts at the conference were very impressed with Kelts’ skills and creativity. We sorely miss him on our campus.

I got a chance to see Kelt’s work first hand while working at UALR and it was immediately obvious he was a gifted developer. He seemed to have that knack of visualizing a solution, talking about it and then actually making it happen via a working prototype, usually in a relatively short amount of time. This is a great combination and something that will make Mr. Dockins a welcomed and valued member of any team.

UALR misses it’s only Blackboard Catalyst Award Winner (2012).

Kelt was always detail oriented, professional, and a pleasure to work with. If faculty had an inquiry, Kelt would find the correct answer if he didn’t have it already, and followed up to ensure that the problem or issue was corrected. You always knew that you could count on Kelt.

Kelt is an outstanding technical support person. He is extremely helpful, especially under stressful, time-sensitive conditions. He is able to resolve complex problems over the phone and in the online chat environment. He is extremely patient with the technologically challenged and has an excellent sense of humor.

I worked closely with Kelt over the last two years to troubleshoot and develop solutions with Blackboard, our online learning system here at UALR. Kelt was always a pleasure to work with, doing excellent work, coming up with innovative and insightful solutions to any challenges we faced, and always willing to assist however he could. As we worked in different departments, there was a division of responsibilities between us, but whenever I asked for Kelt’s assistance in completing some task, I knew that I could count on him to do diligent work and to deliver a quality solution in a timely fashion. He is an excellent programmer, an excellent co-worker, and will be a valuable asset to any team that he joins.

I had the opportunity to work with Kelt on a complex data implementation project. I was impressed by Kelt’s strategic planning and innovative approach to problem solving. Kelt leads by example with team loyalty and commitment to task resolution. It was a pleasure to work with him.

Kelt is an excellent technical resource and was always willing and able to do whatever was needed to “get the job done”.

I am a software developer at Acxiom and I worked with Kelt on a number of different projects and problem solving opportunities. He was always very knowledgeable and professional and contributed to the end product and solutions.

Kelt provided top-shelf customer service to the most demanding of customers: other software developers. Kelt was responsible for maintaining Acxiom’s SourceForge system, including interfacing with the vendor, performing upgrades, setting up users, tuning the system, and answering developer questions. Kelt consistently exceeded expectations while also performing his “day job” as a software developer. We would not have had a viable system for Acxiom’s enterprise software development had it not been for Kelt’s leadership and expertise.

I had the pleasure of taking a Networking course in the graduate program at UALR. Kelt displayed great knowledge of the subject matter. Kelt always did great on assignments by thinking out of the box. He was able to provide unique solutions to programming assignments. Not only did he provide correct solutions to assignments, but Kelt always did so before the deadline set by the teacher.

I would recommend Kelt based on my observations while studying with him at UALR.

Kelt is a great guy to work with. He’s extremely intelligent and able to adapt to knew situations/technologies quickly. His depth of knowledge has exceeded many professionals twice his age in my personal experience.

Some Projects I've Worked On

Honestly, two years ago the words design patterns meant very little to me. I had been reading a few books to better my development and a friend suggested a book written twenty years ago by the Gang of Four. After reading it twice and struggling through outdated smalltalk examples, I turned to other sources. I searched wikipedia, google and blogs for each pattern until I finally understood each pattern well enough to write about it. However, I wanted to use patterns in the context of my job. I don’t deal with Java applications much anymore. I wanted to know these patterns well enough that I could illustrate how they might be used in the web development world using common popular tools: php and Laravel.

This site was built to allow hotel guests to pre-register and make payments with the Atlantis Bahamas chain. During pre-registration we would also offer them additional products. This was all driven by data obtained from an api feed. The website was built with Laravel.

Open source content management system. This CMS packs a lot of heavy features such as installer wizard, localization, page versioning, user and group management and conent management of collections, fields, models using a sidebar directly from the page you want to edit. This cms allows us to develop small to large scale web applications in Laravel 5.

This jquery library lets you toggle classes on elements by using a data-toodles binding. You no longer have to wire up jquery for simple operations where you are just changing classes on an element. It can be used with animate.css too.

John C. Campbell Folk School website. Large project provided the school with a registrar, marketing, financials, content management and more. Data migrations (etl) from an old legacy system and the many rich features of this web applicaiton meant a project spanning over many months.

Atlantis has resorts all over the world. We built the content management system that powers this massive site. The site houses hundreds of custom built pages and has well over 1000 different routes.

In 2014 the new Hobbit movie came out and there was a contest for New Zealand tickets. So I did what thousands of other people did and made a silly video of myself to embarass myself on the internet. Although I didn’t win I still had a lot of fun making the words to this Bilbo Baggins rap song.

This local car auction site has reports, keeps inventory and provides front facing marketing pages.

E-commerce/CMS solution for selling custom tailored silk scarves, bedding & clothing accessories made by the Cambodian community

Fancy contact wizard to help people contact the other right people. I didn’t write this application, I only wrote quint integration tests to smash out bugs from this ember application.

Built out web based CMS type project for this financial group

Constructed the Marionette application behind the leader board section of the web app

Assisted on this rails project for the save the stork donation platform.

Giveaway center provides a single spot for bloggers and other users to list giveaways. Built using laravel 4

Co-founded company which builds web and open source projects

Publishing companies manage songwriters, songs, contacts and profit shares. This is an online catalog for publishing companies and record labels.

Site for selling blue chair bay rum uses a custom content management system built in Laravel.

This plugin greatly reduces boilerplate when you are registering event listeners on views inside of your controllers.

Allows us to access computed properties on a backbone model in the same way how Ember.Object works.

Allows for multiple instances of a Marionette application which is very useful when testing in isolation.

Bloganizer is a site that organizes your blogging life into stacks and lets you read those blogs in a single page marionette application.

Allows musicians to upload their own artwork to print off bandposters that integrates with Facebook, Bandsintown and Songkick to ship custom posters to each venue on the band’s tour.

Entity Resolution with Pentaho Kettle and de-duplicating data using entity resolution.

This Laravel 4 package provides a very simple and easy to use asset pipeline inspired by the Rails asset pipeline.

Laravel 3 custom made cms site for locash cowboys band.

Laravel custom made cms to handle locations, shipping & handling, and various content displayed on site.

Toy project to experiment with parallax effect using javascript

Patched a bug and introduced a feature to autoload classes through Inversion of Control class.

Little Rock Startup Contest Winners. Over the course of the weekend we planned, designed and implemented a simple minimum viable product (mvp) for Simple Service App.

Custom ecommerce platform that allows consumers and merchants to benefit their favorite nonprofit organizations.

Blackboard World 2012 blog contest. Mentioned as coolest blog.

Spoke at Blackboard world 2012 in New Orleans about Course Evaluations.

Honored as a catalyst winner by university dean, Blackboard CTO and other universities for my contributions to Blackboard.

This jQuery plugin allows you to make random sized collage looking images from a bunch of other images

Contributed functionality to a Blackboard building block that allowed teachers to view their Blackboard 9 course as a student.

UALR and other various universities used this building block to carry out course evaluations.

An easy way to integrate student and course enrollment data from a universities SIS into Blackboard version 9.

Using javascript to create css sprite animations. This actually landed me a job at the University of Arkansas because they were impressed that I could do this type of css and javascript.

Created a video player for campus wide use.

Judge for University of Central Arkansas (UCA) programming contest.