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  • I live with my 2 awesome kids and wife in rural Arkansas
  • I work from home as a web developer for LBM
  • I've written a book on design patterns with Laravel & PHP

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Design Patterns in Laravel & PHP

Honestly, two years ago the words design patterns meant very little to me. I had been reading a few books to better my development and a friend suggested a book written twenty years ago by the Gang of Four. After reading it twice and struggling through outdated smalltalk examples, I turned to other sources. I searched wikipedia, google and blogs for each pattern until I finally understood each pattern well enough to write about it. However, I wanted to use patterns in the context of my job. I don’t deal with Java applications much anymore. I wanted to know these patterns well enough that I could illustrate how they might be used in the web development world using common popular tools: php and Laravel.

jQuery Toodles

This jquery library lets you toggle classes on elements by using a data-toodles binding. You no longer have to wire up jquery for simple operations where you are just changing classes on an element. It can be used with animate.css too.

Mekong Blue

E-commerce/CMS solution for selling custom tailored silk scarves, bedding & clothing accessories made by the Cambodian community

Find your Flo

Fancy contact wizard to help people contact the other right people. I didn’t write this application, I only wrote quint integration tests to smash out bugs from this ember application.

Cunningham Financial

Built out web based CMS type project for this financial group


Constructed the Marionette application behind the leader board section of the web app

Save the Storks

Assisted on this rails project for the save the stork donation platform.

Giveaway Center

Giveaway center provides a single spot for bloggers and other users to list giveaways. Built using laravel 4

Codesleeve (cofounder)

Co-founded company which builds web and open source projects


Publishing companies manage songwriters, songs, contacts and profit shares. This is an online catalog for publishing companies and record labels.


This plugin greatly reduces boilerplate when you are registering event listeners on views inside of your controllers.

Backbone Computed Properties

Allows us to access computed properties on a backbone model in the same way how Ember.Object works.

Marionette Application module support

Allows for multiple instances of a Marionette application which is very useful when testing in isolation.


Allows musicians to upload their own artwork to print off bandposters that integrates with Facebook, Bandsintown and Songkick to ship custom posters to each venue on the band’s tour.


Bloganizer is a site that organizes your blogging life into stacks and lets you read those blogs in a single page marionette application.


Entity Resolution with Pentaho Kettle and de-duplicating data using entity resolution.

Codesleeve Asset Pipeline

This Laravel 4 package provides a very simple and easy to use asset pipeline inspired by the Rails asset pipeline.

LoCash Cowboys

Laravel 3 custom made cms site for locash cowboys band.

Volunteer Express

Laravel custom made cms to handle locations, shipping & handling, and various content displayed on site.


Custom ecommerce platform that allows consumers and merchants to benefit their favorite nonprofit organizations.

Kairi Marie's Poem

Toy project to experiment with parallax effect using javascript

Laravel IoC Contribution

Patched a bug and introduced a feature to autoload classes through Inversion of Control class.

Startup Weekend

Little Rock Startup Contest Winners. Over the course of the weekend we planned, designed and implemented a simple minimum viable product (mvp) for Simple Service App.

Blackboard Catalyst Award Winner

Honored as a catalyst winner by university dean, Blackboard CTO and other universities for my contributions to Blackboard.

Blackboard World 2012 (talk)

Spoke at Blackboard world 2012 in New Orleans about Course Evaluations.

Blackboard Student View Building Block

Contributed functionality to a Blackboard building block that allowed teachers to view their Blackboard 9 course as a student.

jQuery Collage Plugin

This jQuery plugin allows you to make random sized collage looking images from a bunch of other images

Blackboard Course Evaluations Building Block

UALR and other various universities used this building block to carry out course evaluations.

Blackboard SIS Integration

An easy way to integrate student and course enrollment data from a universities SIS into Blackboard version 9.

Sprite Animations

details go here… using jquery

UALR Video Player

Created a video player for campus wide use.

Programming Contest Judge

Judge for University of Central Arkansas (UCA) programming contest.