Presenting at ARBug

I presented the course evaluations building block at ARBug this year. I did this to practice for my upcoming presetation at BbWorld DevCon 12. The presentation was geared towards system admins but there were only 3 system admins out of the 12 people that showed up to hear me talk so the audience wasn’t really right. Below is the prezi I used, I may not use this for DevCon… as it was a little more liberal in nature.


  1. One professor told me that I am a fun presenter but course evaluations are boring, so it’s hard to be overly excited about them.
  2. I learned that I should put my email address/contact information on my slides so people will know how to contact me later.
  3. I should slow down and gauge the audience more. Talk less, look more. It’s easy for me to forget this, and ramble on about details…
  4. I need to tell people up front about when to ask questions (so they aren’t confused).
  5. Tell people up front that this is a custom solution and not owned by Blackboard.
  6. Too much information, who really cares about the past CE8 process? Maybe leave this out.

All in all, it was fun to present. Glad I did it. I think if I present next year, I’ll pick a different topic on something instructional designers/teachers are actually interested in.

post by Kelt Dockins on 04/12/2012