Presenting at DevCon 2012

I presented my Course Evaluation building block for Blackboard at DevCon 2012 in New Orleans, LA.

Watch it here! or (audio only)

It was fun to walk around later and have people come up to me and ask me questions - usually it’s the other way around. I found that getting up in front of people is not really that scary, especially when you’re confident and prepared to talk about your material. Echo 360 can take you back in time to my presentation.

Later at BbWorld, I got to demo the survey functionality coming later this Fall (October version 9.1.10) and I’m very excited to see Blackboard step up to the plate.

My block will most assuredly be sun-set unless we find some show stopper in the new survey/course evaluation tool that Blackboard is offering out of the box. When I was asked how I felt about this, I replied, "We knew a year ago the Blackboard Course Evaluations was coming at some point, but this (B2) gave us a solution while we waited which saved us thousands of dollars. I’m glad the wait is almost over."

Kudos to Blackboard for yet another step in the right direction!

post by Kelt Dockins on 07/30/2012