I’ve been busy web programming and changing diapers. But I figured I should write about something just so weebly doesn’t think my website died. So I decided to take 5 minutes to write.

** Nerd alert - below statement contains nerdenium known to cause severe headaches**

So I needed to grab a quick image url and I stumbled upon this on Google’s webpage.

<img alt="Google" height="95" src="/images/srpr/logo4w.png" width="275" id="hplogo" onload="window.lol&&lol()" style="padding-top:112px">

If the obscurity above doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb then don’t say I didn’t warn you (didn’t you see the Nerd alert?). What on earth is this lol()function? It wasn’t defined for me but I did find some bored people on stackoverflow talking about it. I also did not find a lmao() or roflmao() but it’s apparent the guys at Google have a sense of humor… lol(). Reminds me of my older days of writing crazy named functions like call_me(s, e, x, y).

post by Kelt Dockins on 04/02/2013