Simple Service - Little Rock Startup Winners

A couple of months ago Trav and I attended the Little Rock Startup Weekend contest. And won. We even made it into the news paper (pdf). We now have a website for future updates and a blog while we design out our application.

{% img full-width /media/simple-service-little-rock-startup-winners/simple-service-277.jpg %}

Even after a couple of months, the team we created during that hectic weekend still meets weekly to talk about the product. We’ve been doing market analysis and research with nonprofits and schools and trying to design all with public service in mind. I’m also enjoying the free year of Gold memberships from Treehouse.

UPDATE (08/2013) Unfortunately we have split up, break ups happen. I learned a lot during this experience though.

post by Kelt Dockins on 06/06/2013