So I created a simplistic asset pipeline (sprockets style) interface for Deployd framework. The node package basically piggy backs off of the awesome mincer.js nodejs package. I was investigating Deployd as a way to do quick to life prototypes in nodejs. Unfortunately, it looks like Deployd might be dead or no longer maintained - so it is very unlikely that I will be doing any more with dpd-mincer. However, it was fun to see how difficult it is to work with deployd, and it actually was simple enough after a few console.log() to figure out what was inside some dpd objects.

Check out dpd-mincer on github

The one thing that stinks though about Deployd is that it is almost like a restful MVC but without the V. If you could render a view (like underscore template or handlebars) - it would be awesome at prototyping. But instead you end up creating the resources in Deployd and then consuming the JSON via your favorite javascript engine, e.g. Marionette or AngularJS, both libraries which take time to setup, at which point you are no longer prototyping.

post by Kelt Dockins on 07/19/2013