Twitter Bootstrap Modals in Backbone.Marionette

I was reading a blog post by Derek Bailey where he talks about managing twitter bootstrap modals in Marionette. That gave me an idea to write a javascript mixin that I could reuse for my twitter bootstrap modals that just simply lets me open and close modals properly. It helps eliminate a little bit of boiler plate code to handle modals.

You can see the code at

You can see a demo at

I could have stuck to single inheritance by extending a Marionette.ItemView or something. But what if you wanted to use a Marionette.CompositeView? You’d end up writing the same class twice, so by using the mixin you are able to ‘mix in’ only the functionality needed for the modal.

After talking to Brian Mann about it, he suggested I use a Marionette.Region to do modals which is how I do modals now. I might do another post on this later.