Laravel 4 Book by Taylor Otwell

So a few months ago, I remember having lunch with Taylor at Genghis Grill and he was talking about maybe doing a video series to make money. Travis and I both suggested he write a book on Laravel. Heck, I even promised that I’d buy, so here we are a few months later and he has his book out. I’ve purchased the book, but haven’t gotten to read it yet.

The book price is $30 minimum. I’ve heard some people say that his book is too expensive. They say, “It’s only 64 pages long! That’s 50 cents a page!” Granted, there is truth to that, but then I look on leanpub and I see a book called Codebright for the same price. Codebright repeats a lot of what could be learned for free at Don’t mis-understand me though, I’m not out to attack Dayle Rees, as he is a prominent and helpful member of the Laravel community. I’m just pointing out that Taylor’s book price is the same as Dayle’s - which then in my opinion doesn’t make the book seem so pricey.

** UPDATE (11/24/2013): ** Read the book. It was short and sweet.

post by Kelt Dockins on 08/12/2013