So I created a simplistic asset pipeline (sprockets style) interface for Deployd framework. The node package basically piggy backs off of the awesome mincer.js nodejs package. I was investigating Deployd as a way to do quick to life prototypes in nodejs. Unfortunately, it looks like Deployd might be dead or no longer maintained - so it is very unlikely that I will be doing any more with dpd-mincer. However, it was fun to see how difficult it is to work with deployd, and it actually was simple enough after a few console.log() to figure out what was inside some dpd objects.

I’ve been busy web programming and changing diapers. But I figured I should write about something just so weebly doesn’t think my website died. So I decided to take 5 minutes to write.

Nerd alert - below statement contains nerdenium known to cause severe headaches

The IoC container in Laravel is a hidden diamond in the rough that not a lot of people seem to know about. It allows for dependency injection and extremely testable code. However, there was a bug in it so that you could not resolve any class that used optional parameters in it’s constructors (including Eloquent). The bug had been fixed in Laravel 4 which is still not out for beta, so I decided to backport this to Laravel 3 for Taylor (since he’s really busy with L4).