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a blue moon
pregnant girl standing with a dog and tree

Kairi Marie

A blue moon rises

Twists, turns, tunnels

Deliver new surprises

Familar voices fade in

Aliens envade her lungs

Blurry colors slowly begin

Gravity besets, never felt before

Weighty, weighing, working

Frightening even more

The first breath, inhales

Screaming for the womb

Shortly as before, exhales

Briskly lifted

Proding, poking, pricking

Endlessly shifted

She longs, yearns, searches

Mother's milk, a mystery blanched

Frozen petrified she lurches

A dark shape now hovers

Comforting, calming, condoling

Fears flee, breath recovers

New mother, new father, new born

Weary, yet awake after

thirty long hours worn

United, with mother retaken

Sweet, sugary, safety

Sleep soundly now, soon you reawaken

Time travels forward

Family embraces you

Our love is straightforward

Know this to be true

Always, ageless, and affirmed

We love you

My daughter defines who I am, aspire to be and activated an unconditional love I never knew existed.

- Love Dad