I began writing this article months ago when I started researching standing desks. I started writing an article and realized, I should probably buy a desk first before I write this blog post. Thus, all that was saved in my draft was this line:

I sit. A lot. So much in fact that it is killing me. I want to stand more. I want to move more.

From the desperation found in the quote above, one thing was clear - I desired change. I won’t go into details but my health was the primary reason I was seeking out standing desks.

I’ve been busy web programming and changing diapers. But I figured I should write about something just so weebly doesn’t think my website died. So I decided to take 5 minutes to write.

Nerd alert - below statement contains nerdenium known to cause severe headaches

I really enjoy working with Sublime Text 2. I encourage you to try it out! Watch the video to see a demonstration of some functionality Sublime gives you.

I’ve been using it for a couple of weeks now to do some php programming and I still love it. I feel like an ultimate bad-ass every time I do multi-line edits.

In this ten minute cut video, I unwrap a new toy. The Boxee set me back about $200, not to mention Best Buy had a $99 sale only a week later (that’s life). At first $200 may seem expensive but hear me out.