We all love moments of clarity. That moment when things just click. I’ve had a few of these in my life time and now I’d like to share one with you. What feels like a very very long time ago I watched Brian Mann’s backbone on rails series. I’m a bit of a tight ass so it was a big deal for me to spend money on these videos but I’m glad I did. During the hour long easy to follow explanation of how Mann organizes his application, it was a single picture that made things click. Ah… that prized moment of clarity. I’ll share the picture with you.

You ever apply for a job and they make you do a little programming question? These are fun sarcasm because they usually have some math involved and it provides me a small and unimportant challenge - similar to a video game.

I was a judge for uca‘s annual alar’s programming contest years 2008 - 2010. It was a pretty fun experience, we got to spend the day judging other’s code and lots of free food.

During my recent computer cleaning, I found a few problems I wrote for the contest. I typically had some of the easier problems at the contest
(there were about a dozen total problems).

Therefore, I decided to share with you my three programming contest questions, 1) Dr. Bob’s Crazy People Party, 2) Palpatine’s Florist and 3) Modular Primes.