We have come so far in technology yet still use the same relational SQL database methodologies as we did in the 90’s. We waste countless hours and money on SQL discussing details which have nothing to do with the actual data we place inside this storage space. When we are finished with the database, we still have plenty of work left, building applications to access and mutate that same data set.

In this ten minute cut video, I unwrap a new toy. The Boxee set me back about $200, not to mention Best Buy had a $99 sale only a week later (that’s life). At first $200 may seem expensive but hear me out.

Signed up for a Google+ account a few days ago. If Google+ goes public in the next year (2012), then it may be the end of the world and Facebook. When they go public, it is on like Donkey Kong. I think the guys at Facebook know this and have a plan but given that Google has a larger customer base (1 billion strong) and their innovative products are used by the entire world - they have made their mission clear: become the world’s Social network. Only a powerhouse like Google could do this, with the level of integration between Picasa and Android and the budget to make it #1.

I took a ride on the way back machine to find something that is interesting to me. Even since Google first started their search engine in the 90’s they have kept the same consistent layout.