Ever wanted to see errors happening on your application? I use rollbar for this. And unless your app has over 5000 errors a month, it is free.

Installing Rollbar for Laravel is super easy. Below is the code you get when you first sign up for Rollbar.

My work buddy and I were talking about tests. We wanted something to go through every route in our system and check for any obvious errors. That seemed like a pretty simple way to test an application.

So I wrote a generator to create tests for me automatically at work. I wanted to test every route we have in the system. We have hundreds of routes on this particular project I’m working on today. On our last large project we had over a thousand routes. What can I say? We like our routes.

Lately, I was given the task to write some php classes with Laravel that make use of Zencoder api. The way Zencoder works is I create a new encoding job and during that request I tell Zencoder emails and url locations to send notifications when that job is finished.

I’ve been watching the TDD debates with Martin Fowler, Kent Beck and David Hansson. There is some good material in there. It’s pretty cool watching these three. All three are developer heroes of mine. Unfortunately, there isn’t much of a debate.

Martin Fowler plays time cop and mediator but doesn’t speak that much which is a shame because I know he is a bad ass - and he’s got that cool accent. Kent seems to go with David’s flow. Kent even has an article on Facebook called Rest In Peace TDD.